About NSC

National Seniors Coalition (NSC) enables private and public employers to transition/exit the group sponsorship role with an off-balance sheet transaction. Our clients want to honor their commitment to their loyal retirees, but simply cannot afford to carry the obligation on their books.

NSC offers employers a customized solution that releases them from this future liability while still honoring their commitments. We work with businesses, unions and municipalities with retiree medical insurance problems. Our services enable employers to get out of the business of arranging and administering a retiree medical plan by outsourcing that obligation to a program established by NSC.

Our President

Bradley S. Hill has almost four decades of experience in the medical insurance, investment and securities industries. He launched his career in 1980 at Merrill Lynch, joining the Chicago Board of Options Exchange in 1984 as a Market Maker. Mr. Hill founded and has managed Health Quote, Inc. since 1988. In 1996, he founded National Seniors Coalition to offer long-term solutions to employers, unions and municipalities struggling to balance retiree health commitments and costs.