NSC / Medicare

Find the right Medicare coverage for you with National Seniors Coalition. Get started with these first steps.

Make sure you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B - Medicare Part A covers various types of hospital services and procedures, and Medicare Part B covers medical needs and physician services. You must have Medicare Part A and B before you can move forward with additional Medicare coverage.

Would you like coverage for:

  • Dental care?
  • Vision Exams?
  • Hearing Aids?
  • Would you have an interest in 0 Premium Plans?

Call now to speak with a licensed agent for help finding the right plan that fits your needs!


How it Works

  • We will begin with a few questions for you to answer
  • Our team will analyze the information you provide and find the right options for you
  • You will be able to compare our recommendations, share the plans as needed and save them until you are ready to buy

National Seniors Coalition offers a national scope with a local presence.